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Essential Parts of an Essay Outline

Definition of an Essay Outline

An essay outline is a framework that gives your essay structure. It is crucial to use an outline before you start writing. An outline ensures that your thoughts settle into a coherent and definite flow of ideas. This can only be achieved through a well-polished paper. By following the best outline for your article, it will be easier to create an appealing paper. Below are some of the qualities of an essay outline.

  1. An essential part of the writing process – a well-written essay will have numerous sections, and an outline will help you get them all. It will also help you write everything within the allocated time.
  2. Helps you arrange your ideas logically – as mentioned above, an outline helps you arrange the thoughts you have in your paper. Therefore, the final product will be one cohesive idea. It is the backbone of getting your thoughts across clearly.
  3. Determines your presentation in the paper – a lot of work characterizes the academic writing process. This is because you need to present your thoughts, ideas, and views accurately in the essay. Hence, an outline will help you achieve this. It gives a clear structure that you can implement.
  4. Helps you create flows of information – getting ideas and ideas flowing is one of the most significant aspects of writing. Your outline will help you plan how this will happen. It also helps you maintain your paper’s consistency when presenting your thoughts.
  5. Helps you make the right transitions – an outline acts as a screen for your thoughts and ideas. It helps you bring out the right language and flow in your paper. It also gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to within the allocated time.

Structure of an Essay Outline

There are two main structures you need to use. Choose the one that best fits the purpose of your essay. Below is an outline that works best for this write-up.


The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. It is the first section that describes the topic and gives background information for your essay. This paragraph is often a single page long. Always keep the introduction brief and straightforward.


This section covers your most important points. It shows you the structure of your thoughts and ideas. Let your thoughts be organized before you start writing. You have to mention all the ideas you have in the paper. Therefore, keep the paragraph short. It should be no more than 500 words. Doing this will ensure that you stay within the allocated word count.


Finally, a summary of your paper is usually what you write in this section. When writing the conclusion, make sure you go deep into the essay. It should address the thesis statement that you had earlier stated in the introduction. If you want to make your conclusion more convincing, then make sure you include all the other points as well.

With the above tips, you can now create a definite outline for your essay. Your essay will be more solid and straightforward when you use an outline. Apart from this, it will also help you manage your time and focus on other aspects of the writing process.

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