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How to Create an Outline in Writing

What an Outline Should Look Like

An essay outline is a blueprint that helps you plan your essay’s flow. An outline provides a structure for your work and helps you develop a coherent story from the beginning to the end. Therefore, where you are stressed because of the daunting task ahead of you, you do not need to worry anymore. We have brainstormed a guide you can use to come up with a stellar outline in writing.

Things You Need to Know about Outlining

An outline makes your essay flow smoothly. Below are some things that will come in handy while writing your essay;

Plan your Outline

Once you know what you are looking for in the outline, it will be handy to know what to include in the main body. It will give a clear picture of your essay’s story and helps you draft each section separately. Everything you include in your final draft should have a strategic reason to its existence and flow.

Utilize Pictures to Inspire Your Readers

Imagine the image in your mind. Is it a smiling face, a frowning face or a sad one? Pictures give a glimpse of your work to be realized. They help you show the reader why you wrote your piece like this. Do not use pictures from something cliché like a wedding because that will make your outline boring.

An Outline Is a Blueprint

An outline outlines all your work in a unique and convincing way. A blueprint is a blueprint of an organization. An outline is self-organizing. You get things done without much effort. You get to present the key points in a clear manner, and the whole document flows smoothly.

Steps to Follow When Writing an Essay Outline

To form an outline, you need to know the basics of structure and stating your ideas. Also, make sure to have a few activities that make your outline strong. To help you develop a brilliant piece, here is a checklist.

  1. Have a title- it will determine the flow of the entire document.
  2. Have the introduction-it gives the reader your story’s background.
  3. Have the body –it should have points that will lead the main points in the outline.
  4. Have a conclusion- it summarizes the main points to help the reader to have an easier time following through.

With the above structure, you are good to go. An outline will help you understand your paper’s writing style and provide a clearer view of your project, making it easier for you to complete.

Use a Good Format for Your Paper

An outline that has references will provide a logical flow of ideas. Below is a framework you can follow when writing your assignment;

  1. Use italics for headings and numbers for subheads.
  2. Make sure your headings have definite sentences and don’t mix up subjects.
  3. Ensure titles and paragraphs are in the proper place. Anybody reading your piece should be able to separate the main points and browse from the main body.
  4. Here, indent your paragraphs and include commas. Also, include a colon to separate the main points.
  5. Dividing the paragraph into sub-sections makes it easy for the reader to navigate.

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