Test of Medicine, Architecture, Entry into law enforcement; logic questions are everywhere. Every year the tests for admission to specific faculties or specific sectors provide a non-negligible component of mathematical logic within the quiz.

Will math and logic never be your job? Fortunately, our tutors are ready to help you improve on this subject and many others!

Here is a short but effective guide collected in 9 simple points on how to solve any kind of mathematical logic question. It can help with any question or question concerning problem solving.

Read the question carefully

Let’s start with some examples:

I have to travel 50 meters: the first day I increase by 1/5 of what is due, the second 1/8 of what remains and the third 1/3 of what has already been traveled.

How many meters are missing at the finish line?

As can be seen, the specifications with respect to the calculations are fundamental for the performance of the problem.

“Of what is due”, “of what remains”, “of what has already been traveled”, are just some of the terms used to confuse and increase the degree of difficulty. Therefore an analysis of the grammar of the text is essential in order to start solving it.

Don’t let it scare you

Sometimes the questions are structured to look much more complex than they are. Many people, in fact, induced by appearance, will begin to make complex calculations and go into the ball.

The truth is that sometimes it is enough to stop for a moment and understand what is required. Often these are elementary calculations and simple notions.

Marco decides to take a trip. It will depart from Rome to go to a location that is 5 time zones east of Italy.

Considering that it will start at 12.00 on Saturday 30 April and the journey lasts 6 hours, when will it arrive?

  1. Saturday 30 April at 6pm;
  2. Saturday 30 April at 11pm;
  3. Saturday 1 May at 8;
  4. Sunday 1 May at 18;
  5. Sunday 1 May at 11pm.

How to operate?