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How to solve the questions of mathematical logic

Test of Medicine, Architecture, Entry into law enforcement; logic questions are everywhere. Every year the tests for admission to specific faculties or specific sectors provide a non-negligible component of mathematical logic within the quiz. Will math and logic never be your job? Fortunately, our tutors are ready to help you improve on this subject and many others! Here is a short but effective guide collected in 9 simple points on how to solve any kind of mathematical logic question. It can help with any question or question concerning problem solving. Read the question carefully Let’s start with some examples: IПодробнее


It will leave at 12.00 on Saturday 30th April, the journey lasts 6 hours, therefore it will arrive at 6.00 pm at destination. Now just add the time difference (+ 5h) and the result will be 11.00pm on Saturday 30th April (ANSWER: B). Perform the procedures on a graphic level Sometimes writing, drawing or pinning graphically will make what we are dealing with almost magically understandable. It often happens to think or be frightened in front of questions that integrate a geometric or figural component, in this case, paper and pen in hand will help not only to focus wellПодробнее