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What Does a Good Writing Style Hold?

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What Does a Good Writing Style Hold?

Writing a good essay requires that you develop a style that makes you express yourself clearly, concisely, and logically. Before you start to write any essay, you first do the proper research on the topic. This will enable you to find credible and interesting information that will contribute to your paper.

A good writing style uses relevant vocabulary, sentence structure, and punctuation to express ideas clearly and logically. Writing styles come in different types and they define the kind of information to include in your paper. Sometimes, you will be required to use research and writing skills to deliver a quality paper. Other times, it is enough to use a few skills and present the information logically, hence a good writing style.

Common Writing Styles Used By Students

Writing styles can be divided into the following:

  • Narrative writing styles

A narrative style is used when you want to persuade the reader to understand your views clearly. The best way of doing this is by writing in first-person voice as you express yourself. Narrative writing styles are excellent for writing essays that are required in schools, which are short and strictly written. For instance, you can include information that is in direct support of your stance or opinion. Narratives are the most popular type of essay writing for college students as they have more logic to support their claims.

  1. Research writing styles

A research writing style is used to handle academic work. Here, you have to find factual data and explain it. In this writing style, you are expected to use facts in your writing. Every anecdote should be supported with facts. Research writing skills are excellent for students who are writing a lot of work and study papers. For instance, if you are undertaking an essay on horticulture, you can use research writing styles to write a short article.

  1. Expository writing styles

An informative writing style is also applicable when writing reports for academic purposes. Examples of these writing types include:

  1. Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays involve presenting arguments on particular issues to convince your audience. You need to present your perspective clearly and professionally. You can also include examples that support your ideas.

  1. Argumentative studies

These are usually open-ended essays that aim to determine a particular subject matter or a group of subjects and determine their similarities or differences. An argumentative essay with a good approach will determine to which side you lean.

To become a great writer, you need to master the necessary writing skills and practices. Also, read several sample essays to see how you can compose your paper effectively. It would help if you remembered that, if you want to deliver an outstanding essay, you will not be the only one, as many other people will also be trying to write their essays.

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